How Much Should You Pay For A Mobile Time Tracking System?

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What is the right price to pay for a mobile time clock system? Do you have a budget? If so, how did you arrive at the budget? Was a flat dollar amount designated for the purchase price?

For some companies, a wireless time clock can be a commodity. Pick one off the shelf. It needs to track time by employee, date, and job. Just about every portable time clock system out there does that, so yes, it makes sense to go with the cheapest one.

Or does it?

Just like cars, houses, and virtually anything else, there are a ton of factors that determine the price of a mobile time tracking application.

Consumers considering a luxury car for the quality and amenities provided, do not expect to pay economy car prices. If you lust after a Mercedes Benz CLA or a BMW 4-Series Coupe, you know that you’re not going to pay the price of a Nissan Versa or Chevy Spark. They’re all good cars. They can all get you to where you’re going, but the drive experience is quite different. The luxury, comfort, horsepower, and everything else provided, comes at a price. At a personal level, desire and affordability usually determine what is purchased. If you make $30,000 a year, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to purchase a car that may cost two to three times what your annual salary is. If your annual salary is six figures or more, price will likely not be your most important consideration. You’re probably more interested in the aesthetic beauty of the vehicle, the smoothness and quietness of the ride, safety features, amenities, and other options.

In business, price is almost always considered at some level, but there are many other considerations.

Let’s take the case of a businessman purchasing or leasing a car for business use. He’s going to be spending many hours in the car, so comfort is very likely to be important. Maybe he’ll want heavy-duty suspension for a smooth ride, and leather seats for sitting comfort. If he is in constant contact with his customers, vendors, employees, and others, there is a good chance he’ll require hands-free phone usage provided by a Bluetooth system, and a GPS-based navigation system. If he drives customers or potential customers around in his car, he’ll want to have a car that shouts “success” to make the right impression. Obviously, with each feature or option added, the cost of the car goes up. At that point, he has to determine whether the benefits provided outweigh the cost.

And so it is with mobile time tracking systems.

There is no denying that the purchaser needs to take into account the dollar cost of the system, but more importantly, he should consider the savings provided by the software both in terms of time and money. And yes, in business, TIME IS MONEY! The more time it takes to accomplish a task, the more it’s going to cost you. If one remote time clock application costs $5,000 more than another, but the second system saves you an extra $500 a month, it won’t take long for you to absorb the extra cost and start realizing a net savings.

Maybe avoiding disruptions to your business processes is very important to you. What it be worth paying more for a system with extra flexibility or the ability to customize the software to fit your processes? If you are an organization with hundreds or thousands of employees, the answer is very likely, yes. The cost of slowing down all those employees by using rigid or unintuitive out-of-the-box software is potentially great. Keeping them in their accustomed processes or elevating them to more efficient ones, will pay great dividends in time, money, and even morale.

What is the right price for a mobile time tracking system? Only you can decide, but be smart when making your decision. Always take into account the extra savings provided by a flexible, customizable mobile time tracking system.

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