PowerTrack Platform

Powertrack for Android

With PowerTrack, you can extend the capabilities of your enterprise applications to your deployed Android devices at job sites and remote locations. You can create advanced:

using your existing Android devices to automate your timesheets and other field reporting for your mobile workforce.
Ease of Use

Our Android implementation is designed for ease of use and fast data entry. Set permissions for each user, giving access to just the screens and data applicable to the work performed by that worker. Time entry is fast and simple. Filtering of data based on previous selections and user-maintained tag lists keep selection lists short.

Leveraging POSDATA’s rich data collection history, PowerTrack also makes effective use of barcode scanning to speed data entry. Other advanced features include voice notes and GPS record stamping.

Uses can review posted records and time entry reports prior to submittal. Records can be edited by the user on the Android device until they are submitted to the server.

Server-side reports can also be reviewed from within the PowerTrack application, keeping remote workers up to date with project progress.


Data entry screens are developed using PowerTrack’s mobile forms builder. Providing significant configurability, up to 100 mobile screens can be created to tackle a wide variety of your field reporting requirements.

Native is Better

Our PowerTrack Android application is written in the native Java development language for maximum performance and to take full advantage of common Android device capabilities. A resulting benefit is the ability to operate in a disconnected mode in low coverage areas or when the network is down. The user can continue to enter data on the job site or remote location, and then submit their information when the network is available.

Support for Commercial/ Rugged Android Devices

For scan-intensive environments, POSDATA provides a variety of rugged Android devices with integrated high-performance barcode scanners, such as the Zebra Technologies TC55 or TC20.

POSDATA is a Platinum-level mobile technology partner with Zebra Technologies, allowing us to provide both the pricing and support that you expect from your technology vendor.

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