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PowerTrack Web Portal

Anywhere, Convenient Access

PowerTrack’s Web Portal provides a convenient means to review, edit and approve records generated from any PowerTrack mobile device. As a web-based solution, there is no requirement to install software on the user’s PC. Users simply log in using any of the major web browsers.

The portal also provides a data entry mode for web users and some administrative functions, with availability based on a user’s permissions.


The PowerTrack Web Approval is a full-screen application that supervisors and project managers use to review and edit records requiring their approval. Three view levels are provided (dashboard, summary and detail) allowing for drill down to the appropriate detail.

Supervisors can edit and approve records for selected jobs or for their subordinate employee tree. Upon approval, records are moved to the next higher level for approval. Records can also be rejected, requiring them to be edited and re-approved by the originating user. Once all records are approved, they can be exported to the customer’s accounting/payroll system using the export feature of the web portal.

Data Entry

The PowerTrack web portal also provides a data entry mode similar to that available on the mobile clients. Like the mobile clients, the web entry is designed for ease-of-use and fast data entry. Filtering of data based on prior selections and tag lists keep selection lists short. Posted records may be reviewed and edited prior to submittal.

The PowerTrack web and mobile applications share the same configuration as defined in the PowerTrack design tools. In addition, the same user may operate both mobile and web applications interchangeably.

PowerTrack Datasheet

Download the PowerTrack Mobile Solutions for Construction Datasheet

The web portal features a tag list manager, allowing supervisors to maintain their crew, equipment and other tag lists. It also allows administrators to create employee trees and to manage the Powertrack user list.


The web portal report launcher provides access to PowerTrack’s standard report package, featuring an assortment of summary and detail reports for labor analysis.

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