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Unveil Valuable Insights to Effectively Manage Your Projects With Construction Analytics

Construction analytics is the systematic collection, analysis, and monitoring of data to enhance the outcomes of your capital projects, mitigate risks, and unveil valuable insights.

Leveraging real-time data and automated construction reports consolidated from mJobTime’s daily construction reporting solution, construction analytics empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions and optimize project performance.

By harnessing the power of data, construction analytics facilitates improved project outcomes and a more efficient construction process.

Experience the Benefits of mJobtime's Analytics for Construction

Cost Optimization

Optimize your labor with insights into trends, premium analysis, and exceptions.

Improved Planning

Improve your planning with insights into the time and resources required to complete projects.

Real-Time Progress Reporting

Gain real-time construction reporting to help identify and address potential problems early on.

Budget Optimization

Optimize your budgets with insights into where costs will likely increase or decrease.

Interactive Visuals

Experience interactive visuals that make it easy to understand and interpret data.

Enhanced Information Flow

Enhance the flow of information with a central location for storing and accessing data.

Construction Business Intelligence

Utilize construction business intelligence that provides insights into how to improve operations and make better decisions.

Faster Decision-making

Have a single view of data, which can be accessed from anywhere, allowing management teams to make decisions quickly and easily, based on the latest information.

Data Visualization Made Simple

Access a wide range of data visualization tools, which can be used to create interactive dashboards and reports, making it easy to communicate insights from data to stakeholders.

Full Summary of Company Data in Visual Form

Have a full data summary with display choices such as tables, charts, gauges, and maps.

Unlock the Full Potential of Construction Analytics to Drive Improved Business Outcomes

The construction industry is facing a number of challenges, including cost overruns, delays, and a lack of productivity, leading to significant financial losses.

In a sector where underestimating costs and misjudging variables that influence the final result can cause business disaster, it is essential to use data analytics to improve decision-making. By consolidating data, analyzing historical information, and utilizing predictive analytics, you can develop a comprehensive construction dashboard that provides the insights you need to succeed.

mJobTime provides a powerful construction analytics solution to help construction companies overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Construction Data Analytics

With the integration of Microsoft Power BI, mJobTime offers robust analytics capabilities that enable efficient data access. Whether you prefer pre-designed dashboards or customizable configurations tailored to your specific business requirements, our solution empowers you with the tools to effectively harness valuable insights.

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Real-Time Project Tracking

The project-oriented dashboards prioritize individual projects by providing comprehensive details and feedback on specific jobs. These dashboards allow for quick access to crucial information such as project, labor, and trend details, budget overviews, and more. mJobTime Analytics takes advantage of the powerful filters included with PowerBI to slice and dice your data.

Customized Construction Reporting

Utilize the robust hierarchical structure of mJobTime’s analytics to access project data at any level. Easily roll up individual project data to gain insights from multi-level dashboards and reports, or drill down into specific views to analyze project-specific costs and process data in detail. With our platform, you have the flexibility to explore data from various perspectives to make informed decisions.

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Budget Management

Data analytics can be used to track costs, identify areas where costs can be reduced, and ensure that projects stay on budget.

Available on Any Device

MJobTime Analytics is a powerful BI tool that can help businesses improve their decision-making, data visualization, and collaboration. The fact that it is available on any device makes it even more versatile and accessible.
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