How to Implement mJobTime Remote Construction Time Clock Software

Installing mJobTime's Remote Construction Time Clock Software

RemoteStart Installation

For most of our construction time tracking software customers, we give them the tools to do their own installations. Especially with the tough financial environment that many contractors still find themselves in, we realize that companies are trying to save every dollar possible. With our RemoteStart time clock installation, we allow our customer to self-install the remote employee time clock software, and provide them with 8 hours of remote support for installation and training.

FastStart Installation

Some of our customers, because of their sheer size or because of special requirements, will need our staff to be much more involved in the implementation of mJobTime remote construction time clock software. In these cases, we will send one of our experienced and highly trained Implementation Specialists to direct the installation and perform personalized training for both the field and office staffs. These construction time tracking software implementations can be customized to fit the needs of the customer. Essentially, no matter your specifications, a remote employee time clock in addition to our software can be beneficial to your business, and we hope we can help you implement today.

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Workers in hard hats using construction time tracking software