PowerTrack Features

Mobile Timekeeping

Use mobile devices to quickly record clock-in and clock-out times and allocate labor to jobs and cost codes. Mobile time entry provides managers and office personnel daily visibility to job labor while eliminating the office key entry.

Track Equipment & Tools

Use PowerTrack to track equipment and tool movements, equipment usage on jobs, meter and odometer readings and more. PowerTrack integrates with existing accounting/ERP systems.

Manage Your Projects

Keep track of important project metrics using the PowerTrack mobile and web platforms. Management and supervisors are provided real-time visibility to monitor project status and make informed decisions.

Daily Jobsite Journal

The PowerTrack data entry screen can be configured to include notes and images from the field, as well as voice-activated notes for Android and iOS users.

Scan Barcodes

With support for barcode scanned data entry, PowerTrack enables an accurate tracking system. Easily acquire data through the mobile device’s camera or built-in scanning device.

Mobile Forms Builder

As your projects change, your data collection requirements are bound to change as well. One of the key features that make PowerTrack unique is the mobile forms builder, which allows customers to modify or create custom forms without programming.

Biometric Time Clock

Clocking in and out is efficient and simple with the addition of fingerprint readers connected to the iPads or tablets that you already use in the field. The system can identify each of your employees and management can review, edit, and approve the information in the web-based approval system.

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