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Streamline your construction time management with real-time, automated time tracking.


Automate Daily Construction Timesheet Reporting with Leading Time Tracking Software

There is a better way for your construction and field crews to submit their time and other daily reporting from job sites—using their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

No more late submissions from construction workers, lost hours, incomplete details, or errors from manual entry. PowerTrack’s construction time tracking application eliminates the headaches associated with paper timesheets.

PowerTrack’s mobile construction time tracking software provides field workers with a familiar spreadsheet-style time entry format available on iPad, Windows PC or smartphone. Meanwhile, project managers and office personnel can take advantage of accurate timesheets and daily visibility of job labor.

With our construction timesheet software solutions, you can:

Track Employee Hours with Clock-In and Clock Out

Quickly record employee time and subcontractor job site clock-ins and outs, ensuring accurate time data and labor costs for an individual or an entire crew. Use your existing mobile devices or upgrade to biometric (fingerprint reading) or badging solutions for increased accountability of employee time tracking.

Apply Time Durations to Jobs and Cost Codes

PowerTrack’s construction timesheet software will present the user with filtered lists of active jobs and valid cost codes to apply time for labor entry and project costing. PowerTrack applications leverage familiar Android and iOS controls for time entry, enhancing learning and usability.

Calculate Time Worked on Job Sites

The construction time card app can be configured to calculate the time worked (from the time clock in/out data) for a selected employee and guide the user to allocate the remaining balance to jobs and cost codes. PowerTrack will calculate the time duration for each work segment. Starting the next job or cost code will complete the previous work segment.

Review, Edit, and Approve Labor Records

Log in to PowerTrack’s web portal to review, edit, and approve labor records. Set up multiple levels of approval for project managers and higher-level supervisors. Payroll staff can review approved records and export records to your company’s payroll/accounting software to ensure accurate payroll and labor costs.

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The Benefits of Construction Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software for construction businesses is a fantastic tool that ensures efficient job site time management and accurate record-keeping.

Construction time tracking software offers many other fantastic benefits for your business:


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PowerTrack Construction Software

PowerTrack construction software is a powerful solution for mobile resource management that allows you to automate your daily reports, timekeeping, and project management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A construction time tracking application is the best way to track hours on construction sites. Construction time tracking apps allow construction workers to clock in and out directly from their smartphones or tablets, ensuring real-time and accurate time tracking. Integrated with GPS functionalities, time clock apps can verify the employee's location data during clock-in and clock-out, ensuring they are on the job site. Timesheet apps also allow supervisors to review, edit, and approve recorded hours, streamlining the payroll process.
The construction time card app streamlines payroll processing by offering automated time tracking, enabling real-time on-the-go submissions from job sites. Detailed timesheets, combined with filtered lists for labor entry, ensure precise recording of hours worked. The app's built-in time calculation features and multi-level approval system allow for meticulous review and correction of discrepancies. In addition, its seamless integration with payroll and accounting software, coupled with error alerts, guarantees that payroll is processed accurately, eliminating the challenges and errors commonly associated with manual data entry and traditional timekeeping methods.
Yes, the software can automatically calculate the total time worked on-site. By using the clock-in and clock-out data provided by employees, the software determines the duration of each work segment. If an employee starts a new job or task, the software completes the previous work segment and begins tracking the new one. This continuous tracking ensures that all hours are accurately accounted for, providing a comprehensive view of the total time an employee has spent on-site.
Yes, the approved records from the construction timesheet app can seamlessly integrate with other payroll and accounting software. This integration allows for the automatic transfer of approved labor records, ensuring that payroll processing and labor cost calculations are accurate and efficient. By eliminating manual data entry and potential errors, this integration streamlines the payroll process and ensures consistency between time tracking and financial systems.