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Badging For Construction Employees & Contractors

Identification Badges offer added security for construction job sites and locations. Employees and contractors can be issued badges to provide authorized access to sites. The badges can incorporate automatic identification technologies such as barcodes or limited range RF (proximity) capabilities to be read by timeclocks and other access control devices.

The PowerTrack software supports timeclocks with built-in proximity readers for reading the encoded number on employee and contractor badges. Workers can be clocked in and out as they enter or leave the job site. This allows for comprehensive reporting ranging from clock-in and clock out reports to subcontractor work tracking, including ethnicity and government compliance reporting.

The PowerTrack team has significant expertise with badging and related access control systems. Following are some of the components that we offer as part of a complete badge system:

Badge Printers and Badge Printing Software

As a Zebra Technologies Premier partner, we offer the leading badge printers in the industry, including Zebra’s ZXP Series card printers. We also provide Zebra’s CardStudio badge design and printing software as well as serialized proximity cards, bringing together a complete Zebra Technologies badging solution for maximum performance and reliability.


We offer timeclocks from Control Module, which read industry standard proximity cards/badges. The proximity card reading can be integrated in the timeclock or via a remote proximity reader. The timeclocks are integrated with the PowerTrack software and will provide employee and sub-contractor clock-ins and clock outs to the system.


For complete job site access control, we also provide a variety of turnstiles, which are activated directly by the timeclocks. A single reading of the badge will clock-in a worker and open the turnstile. Turnstiles can be full height or waist high, depending on the security required.

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