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Richard Daniels


mJobTime, developer of construction time tracking software for ENR 600 and other leading contractors, is poised to unveil its brand new, innovative solution to allow customers to capture clock ins and out in the field by scanning employee fingerprints on Apple phones and iPads. The solution is fast, easy, and solves a problem that has long existed for contractors, Buddy Punching, where one employee clocks in one or more other employees (the buddies).

 The Annual TUG National Users Conference is the largest conference in the country where users of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage 100 Contractor, and Sage Estimating, meet to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.

Manning Booth #17 for mJobTime will be Janice Newland, VP of Business Development, and Reece Jordan, Territory Sales Manager.

Visitors, be sure to schedule a demo within 30 days of the end of the show to qualify for a 15% Show Discount.

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mJobTime Announces New Biometric Mobile Time Tracking App To Eliminate Buddy Punching

New App Enables Fingerprint Clock-in On Smartphones and Tablets

mJobTime Corporation, a leading provider of construction time tracking solutions for ENR 600 and other leading contractors, is pleased to announce an innovative new addition to their mJobTime® product line which allows employees to clock in and out via a fingerprint scan on smartphones and tablets.

Buddy punching, where one employee clocks another employee (“the buddy”) in or out, has been a problem for construction companies since the invention of the punch clock in 1888. Previous solutions involved using separate scanning devices connected by cable to a laptop or tablet, or a stand-alone stationary (immobile) clock.

“mJobTime customers can now enjoy all the conveniences and security of a mobile biometric time tracking solution without the previous hassles”, said Mike Soniat, Director of Technical Services for mJobTime. “Initially, we will roll out the app for iPhones and iPads. This will be followed later in the year by the release of an Android version. We are very excited to offer our customers this important new functionality.”

About mJobTime Corporation
mJobTime Corporation has been delivering easy-to-use, configurable, and customizable time tracking software for leading construction, energy, and other contractors since 2006. mJobTime utilizes its Mobility Suite  modules to accurately and efficiently track labor time, equipment time, daily logs, production units, per diem, budgets, GPS and Geo-fencing, and  job-related documents. mJobTime has been a long-time member of the Sage Software Development Partner Program, a charter member of ViewPoint Software’s Development Partner Program, and works closely with many other construction accounting software companies to insure continuing seamless integration. Company headquarters are in Beaumont, TX, with sales offices in Denver, CO. For more information, please visit


The blockchain is often associated with virtual currency, but there's so much more to it than that. It's already started making its way into a number of different industries, from genealogy to the film industry. It's being used by banks to both confirm and verify data, and even the government is using it to communicate sensitive information between different departments. See how it works and how the technology can be integrated for the benefit of professionals, clients, and regulatory agencies.

"We look forward to significant improvements in our ability to track time with greater accuracy while simultaneously gaining measurable efficiencies in other critical operations at both the job site and the office." - Mike Moorhouse, VP/ CFO, Heico Construction Group

Autonomous technology is met with a lot of mixed emotions on either side of the spectrum. Some are nervous their job will be replaced while others are exhilarated by a brighter tomorrow. When it comes to autonomous vehicles and the construction industry, it's helpful to follow the trends now so there are fewer surprises later. The construction industry has already seen robotics and autonomous vehicles introduced to job sites, and the possibilities of how they these tools can be used are seemingly endless. Learn more about what's working, what could be a potential problem, and how you can prepare for both the good and bad of autonomy in construction.

The basic concept of climate change is the idea that people are having a negative impact on the Earth's environment. NASA states that the current warming trend is 95% likely to be caused by the decisions of humans and that the rate at which it's occurring is unprecedented. The planet is warming 10 times faster than any other discernable time in history.

Solar Power


As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, construction spending has been on the rise for several years now, but there are many factors that could slow this down in the future.

Wind Power


Although construction spending has been on a slow, steady rise for several years now, getting to higher levels in the next few years may become a bit more challenging.

One of our prospective customers said they very recently saw a webinar from a large ERP provider who proclaimed that their software was better because it is “built-in” and not “bolted on.” This led me to ponder the question “is an integrated time tracking solution always best?”

Construction and energy companies have always played on a different field level than businesses in other industries. Because most of their activity occurs at remote job sites, they have traditionally operated with severe limitations. Information exchange between the “field” and the “office” has typically been on a delayed basis, meaning many decisions were often made on dated information.

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