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Califorina Contractor Expects To Reduce 8-Month Payroll Costs By $40,000!

The Company

Harrell Remodeling is a highly successful residential design/build construction company in Mountain View, California, whose business processes needed an upgrade. Until recently, the company had been relying on a variety of traditional business tools, such as spreadsheets and fax machines, to manage key business processes, including preparing and collecting time sheets, tracking job costs, managing payroll, and communicating with field staff. In addition, the company is also a “green” business so they naturally wanted to reduce their paper usage.

The Challenge

“We were struggling with our manual business systems and processes,” said Susan Pines, Accounting Manager at Harrell. “We needed a system that seamlessly combined mobile workforce management and payroll processing, from hours and jobs performed through getting people paid.”

The Harrell Design Center must account for both field and office workers’ time by project, so any solution would need to address both groups. Susan worked with the sales staff at mJobTime to come up with an innovative resolution to the problem.

The Solution

In the field, Harrell staff uses Xora’s GPS TimeTrack application on their Sprint/Verizon devices to record time sheet and job status information – including jobs, cost codes, and phase codes –throughout the day. Each day, this time data is downloaded from Xora into mJobTime where it can be reviewed, edited and approved before being sent to the company’s Master Builder accounting and payroll system. In addition, the Design Center staff in the office has access to web-based maps and business reports generated by GPS TimeTrack that detail the location and activities of field staff in real-time.

At the same time, office designers and administrative staff use the mJobTime software to record their time by client and activity. They also have the ability to add notes for billing clients.

Once the time data for both groups has been approved, it can all be uploaded to Master Builder from mJobTime with a single click. “For a growing company like ours, the combination of Xora and mJobTime has proven to be a winning option!”

The Benefit

For Harrell, the results have been impressive:

  • Less time wasted traveling to and from the office. In fact, as much as 12 additional carpenter hours are available each week to service clients
  • Payroll approval and review processes are more accurate and now take a third of the time
  • An estimated net savings of $40,000 in the first year


Harrell Remodeling knew they needed to upgrade their business processes in a way that would also reinforce their commitment to being a “green” business. In particular, they needed a more efficient system for managing mobile workers and processing payroll in the field as well as in the office. mJobTime devised a solution that worked for both and that also saved the company time, money, paper, and gasoline!

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