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mJobTime Makes Dramatic Impact On Project Management Saving major Amounts Of Time

The Company

JPC Group, Inc is a family-owned engineering, construction, and demolition firm based in Philadelphia, PA and Blackwood, NJ. Founded in 1954, today the company provides services in civil/municipal, electrical, environmental, mechanical, structural, transportation and water/wastewater engineering as well as information management, construction and materials inspection/testing, and surveying. With over 55 years’ experience in general construction and engineering, JPC Group, Inc. has been awarded contracts with the US Navy, major city centers, municipalities, schools, universities, public utilities, and many prominent contractors in the tri-state area.

The Challenge

JPC Group was convinced there was a better way of tracking field labor than the cumbersome paper system it was currently using. Timesheets were being brought in from the field and manually keyed into the accounting system by office staff. They needed a faster, more accurate way to get the data from the field into their accounting system. But, at the same time, they needed a system that had to be very easy to use for their field guys. If it wasn’t, they knew it wouldn’t fly.

The Solution

Initially, JPC Group installed a 10-user mJobTime system on field-based PDAs. Almost from day one, the system worked as planned, saving a significant amount of time. Because the technology is so easy to use in the field, JPC employees started effectively using mJobTime right away. In fact, the company was so pleased with the results that, within a few months, they purchased an additional 15 licenses. JPC continues to grow and as they have, they have steadily increased their mJobTime licenses.

mJobTime has helped in other areas as well. When JPC Group decided to switch their accounting system, they were both pleased and relieved to learn that mJobTime works with practically any popular accounting package. After the switch was completed, the technical support staff at mJobTime helped JPC develop a new template and transfer all of the company’s important job and employee data from the new accounting system. It also retained the historical time records from the prior accounting system.

The Benefit

According to JPC Systems Manager, Ken Rizzo, JPC has really benefitted from the streamlined processes in the office. “With over 200 employees and 75 to 100 pieces of heavy equipment to bill and cost to multiple jobs in our accounting system, mJobTime has been an incredible timesaver.”

mJobTime also helps JPC stay on top of their projects. Rizzo told us that mJobTime has had a dramatic impact on project management. “Our guys input EVERYTHING into mJobTime, including deliveries, ticket numbers, yards of concrete – even which subs are on the project. This information is essential for reporting to the owners of the project.”


JPC found exactly what they were looking for in a mobile time tracking solution from mJobTime. They have drastically streamlined the payroll process both in the field and in the office. Now days, their foremen are spending more time on construction and less time on filling out paper timesheets, while the office staff no longer has to re-enter timesheet information into payroll. The increase in efficiency has been dramatic. The office staff is now much better equipped to handle their heavy workload. mJobTime has greatly benefited JPC’s management group as well. With all the jobsite documentation being entered into the mJobTime system, management now has a bird’s eye view of what is happening with their jobs, allowing them to make changes and adjustments quickly. mJobTime has become an important tool in helping the JPC Group continue to provide well-built and superiorly managed projects.

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General Contractor

mJobTime Makes Dramatic Impact On Project Management Saving major Amounts Of Time The Company JPC Group, Inc is a family-owned engineering, construction, and demolition firm

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