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Company Saves An Estimated $70,000 Each Year And Reduces Payroll Processing Time By 1.5 Days Per Week

The Company

With a reputation built on years of experience that has earned them a 90 percent repeat business record, Metro Mechanical, Inc. excels at completing projects on schedule at a competitive price for clients like Target, Best Buy, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kroger, Kohl’s, and JC Penny.

Established in 1984, the Mississippi-based company offers design, installation and commercial services including HVAC, mechanical piping, plumbing and energy management. The company’s success has seen it expand its market eastward to Georgia and Florida and westward to Texas and Oklahoma.

The Challenge

As its jobsites became more geographically dispersed, the company found that receiving timely and accurate time records became an increasingly difficult challenge. Processing payroll began to take more time than ever before. Inaccurate coding, incorrect weekly totals of labor hours, and difficulty maintaining up-to-date information on jobs and employees was taxing the office staff. And with all the growth, the company realized that solid, reliable estimates were going to be more crucial than ever before.

The Solution

After years of using paper time sheets, company President Frank White began searching for more efficient ways to track employee time in an effort to curb costs and improve record-keeping accuracy.

“After looking at two other timekeeping software options, we found mJobTime to be the most streamlined, user-friendly software,” said White, who has worked for the company for 20 years. “mJobTime works really well with the accounting system we use, Sage Timberline.”

Converting from the old paper system to mJobTime was easy and seamless. “A representative from mJobTime came to our office, installed the software, set up our field devices/desktops, and provided training,” White stated. “It was surprisingly easy for our field personnel to adapt to the software, in spite of concerns that some may be technologically challenged. After a two-week period, everyone was trained and the software was working smoothly.”

The Benefit

White’s decision to purchase mJobTime has revolutionized the company’s timekeeping and has saved an estimated $70,000 each year. He estimates that payroll processing has decreased by 1.5 days each week.

Today foremen on multiple job sites record time daily and sync with the main office to send the latest time records and to get the latest employees, jobs, and other codes.

“Now our foremen save time by reporting hours once daily for multiple crew members,” said White. “They no longer have to complete paper time sheets for each person in their crew. Time reported is now more accurate, saving the company from paying overtime when it is not warranted.”

Supervisors approve time electronically, eliminating the chore of sorting through all the paperwork. Office personnel now use mJobTime on desktops to allocate time to the various projects they manage.

State-of-the-art timekeeping provides other benefits for the company as well. “Due to the time reported being accurate now with mJobTime, the data used for estimating projects is more precise, resulting in more competitive pricing,” said White.


Frank White could not be happier with his decision to purchase mJobTime – “mJobTime has justified my decision over and over again. The company has not only saved us money, streamlined our time tracking processes, and provided us with more accurate data, it has also continually provided excellent technical support and new features and functionality. We are very happy with the product and the company, and have shared our success story with other mechanical contractors across the country.”

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