Electrical Contractor

New York Contractor No Longer Has To Fight Mountains Of Paperwork

The Company

Bana Electric Corporation has been a leading electrical contractor for power plants, schools, correctional facilities, and a wide range of other projects in the Long Island, NY area since 1955. They specialize in low, medium, and high voltage power systems, including lighting, fire alarm, and public address systems and much more.

The Challenge

For years, Bana Electric struggled under an avalanche of time sheets as their 60 employees reported labor time the old-fashioned way. According to President Stephen Bender, “Our foremen spent way too much time pushing paper.”

To make matters worse, Bender told us that tallying employee time manually across multiple job sites was overwhelming their accounting staff. “We had to go through tons of handwritten logs to find the information we were looking for. Entering data more than once really cost us a lot of time, and the daily entry was prone to error.”

The Solution

Utilizing mJobTime’s easy-to-use interface and foreman-specific synchronization, Bana has virtually eliminated all redundancy, becoming much more efficient in the process.

The staff at mJobTime helped Bana get up and running quickly by installing and configuring the software on their network and mobile devices as well as training their users on-site. While adopting mJobTime, Bana implemented new processes around the system to better manage their day-to-day operations. Now, after the field data has been entered and synced back to the office, the office staff uses the mJobTime Administrator component to review, edit, and report on the labor hours submitted. Once all the records have been reviewed and approved, they are exported to the accounting system using mJobTime’s direct link.

The Benefit

Bana Electric now enters data only once, and as a result, the number of daily entry errors has significantly decreased. Once the data has been synced back to the office, the administrative staff now just reviews the data for correctness and accuracy before transferring it to the accounting system. “Our controller loves mJobTime,” Bender says, “because of the one-click interface with our Master Builder system.”

“The application is very easy to use and has saved us a significant amount of time and money,” says Bender. “Our foremen can now focus on the job at hand and no longer have to fight mountains of paperwork.”

“mJobTime’s service has been excellent,” says Bender. “And, after being in business for three generations, we know service.”


Bana Electric Corporation needed a better way to collect and report labor time. Endless paperwork, manual systems, and duplication of effort were eating away at profits and morale as foremen pushed mountains of time sheets each week. mJobTime’s easy-to-use solution and excellent customer service helped Bana turn the corner, freeing up foremen to do the jobs they were hired to do. It also provided management with timely and accurate data along with the tools to implement more efficient processes that continue to save the company both time and money. Bana Electric Corporation has been reaping the rewards of their mJobTime system for many years, and has thrown away paper timesheets forever!

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