Commercial Landscape Company

mJobTime Reduces Payroll Costs By 70% For Commercial Landscaper

The Company

All Seasons Landscaping is a commercial landscape construction contractor serving Connecticut and surrounding states with commercial hydro seeding services, invasive species control and removal, planting and restoration, landfill erosion control, wetlands planting, snow removal, and more. Their many customer projects include major shopping malls, wetlands, athletic fields, D.O.T. highway projects, casinos, golf courses, and extensive housing developments.

Not just your average landscape contractor, All Seasons prides itself on quality work, integrity, and reliability. The company’s ongoing success depends on its ability to provide competitive costs, experienced staff, flexible timelines, electronic American Institute of Architects (AIA) billing and certified payrolls, fast turn-around, and timely material submissions.

The Challenge

All Seasons’ payroll processing costs were negatively impacted by job site paperwork delays, missing time sheets, redundant time data entry, and software incompatibility issues.

According to company president Michael Poinelli, “Over the last 30 years the technological advances made in our industry are nothing short of baffling. Our industry has evolved to an unimaginable level of sophistication.”

Growing from its roots as a residential lawn service company in 1975 into a major player in the commercial landscape construction industry today, All Seasons realized an urgent need to streamline labor and material reporting work flows. Because their many state government and D.O.T. highway projects required extensive paperwork and fool-proof backup documentation, the company was determined to find a system that would be easy for field workers to use; a system that would eliminate redundant, manual data entry, and integrate seamlessly with their accounting system. The company knew these factors, along with its commitment to “professionalism, teamwork, and persistent development,” were critical to its ongoing success in the industry.

The Solution

After trying two other time clock systems that failed to meet their needs and were incompatible with their Foundation accounting software, the company found mJobTime on the Partner page of Foundation’s website. Lou LaVecchia, Director of Operations attests, “Because we found it listed on Foundation’s website, we knew mJobTime would work with our software. We liked the fact that it had customizable features that weren’t limited. It just seemed to stand out from all the other products.”

All Seasons installation and hands-on training for the mJobTime Web Edition went very well and, according to LaVecchia, everything was organized and running smoothly in just a few weeks, both in the field and in the office. All Seasons uses four out of five mJobTime Mobility Suite modules: Labor Manager, Equipment Manager, Daily Field Manager, and GPS Manager.

From the start, field workers had little trouble adjusting to time entry on their Android phones. Field time is now recorded in real-time or after-the-fact, without redundancy. Field worker GPS coordinates are saved at clock in and clock out. Foremen can quickly and easily review, edit, distribute, and approve time in the field. They’re able to track production units and expenses; they can also enter field notes and upload pictures if needed. LaVecchia approves all field and office time entries before they go into Foundation for final payroll processing.

The Benefit

mJobTime’s efficiency, speed, and organization are helping All Seasons remain competitive in a tough industry. With mJobTime, LaVecchia says, “our field guys no longer need to manually submit paperwork to the office. They enter their time once and that’s it. It goes right into the system. Our in-office processing for each submission now takes 5-10 minutes instead of 1-1/2 hours. This saves us about $30,000 per year in payroll costs.” He adds, “Our time and material billing is no longer questioned by the state because labor time reporting is done in real time and supported by the GPS tracking.”


All Seasons needed to streamline their job site paperwork and integrate their field time and material reporting work flows with their payroll accounting system. After an exhaustive search, All Seasons installed mJobTime and saved 70% of their payroll processing costs. mJobTime allowed them to keep detailed time and material records to meet demands of the state Department of Transportation and other customer agencies. With labor time reports and GPS coordinates to back up their estimating, the company is now able to bid, win, and manage large projects in a more organized and cost-efficient manner, letting them compete where their competitors cannot.

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