What Should You Be Considering Before Adopting Mobile Technology?

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Welcome to the latest edition of MobileTime, a blog about the issues affecting mobile time tracking and the construction industry in general.  Our goal for this blog is to provide useful, helpful information presented in a concise format to our customers and all others who might benefit. Today’s article discusses the factors involved in adopting mobile technology for the enterprise.

Only in the last few years has enterprise mobile technology  finally begun to tap the vast potential that had been promised for so many years. In its formative stages, the underlying technology infrastructure was still fairly immature and often failed to deliver on the expected benefits. At the same time, enterprises were unable to embrace mobile technology for a variety of reasons including inadequate business processes, human resources, leadership, and organizational cultures that failed to recognize the potential benefits.

This emergence of mobile technology within the enterprise has resulted in a paradigm shift of how business is conducted now and in the future. Business professionals, mobile workers, and field staff can now remain as productive outside the office as they are within the office.  But what are the factors that must be taken into consideration prior to implementing mobile technology for the enterprise? The following is a list of some of the considerations that should be addressed:

What devices are best suited for the day-to-day operations of the targeted users?

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Netbooks
  • Tablets

What will be the primary determining factor for deciding on devices?

  • Portability
  • Functionality
  • Input method
  • Screen size
  • Processing speed

What technology platforms should be considered?

  • BlackBerry,
  • Apple iOS,
  • Google
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows OS
  • Apple OS
  • Linux

What will be the interoperability, or the ability to run on multiple devices/platforms?

What are the enterprise security considerations?

  • Where is the data stored? On the device or held by 3rd party?
  • Will authentication be seamless? – user names and passwords
  • How will data be protected on lost or stolen devices
  • Can the business ensure information security in mobile devices if they are used for both business and personal matters?

What are the cost considerations?

  • Cost of devices and accessories including repair, replacement, and insurance
  • Cost of training
  • Cost of mobile data plans

The world of enterprise mobile technology has steadily evolved in the last few years. Devices continue to become more powerful and functional, wireless networks are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and capable of handling higher data throughput, and value-added mobile applications are emerging in increasing numbers. Those companies who are taking advantage of this situation will enjoy the resulting benefits: better efficiencies, cost savings, and new competitive advantages.

Regardless of the approach taken, this is an exciting time for enterprise tools. Is your company ready for the Mobile Revolution?

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