The mJobTime Difference in Mobile Time Tracking

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The other day, a fairly large prospective customer asked one of our sales staff to send them an email with a brief statement as to why the prospect should choose mJobTime. In most cases, it is very hard to state the differences between you and the competition in a brief statement.  There can be many reasons why – some obvious, some not so apparent. I would like to use this post to try to detail the main differences we see between mJobTime and our competitors.

First, the less obvious.  Call it our company culture if you will, but I think it is our philosophy for managing a software company.

We weren’t the first company to do mobile time tracking, but we felt that there was a need for an application that could do more than what was being offered.  At that time, the majority of people using mobile devices were either early adopters or technophiles. In order to get more people to use our software, we knew it had to be easy to use. So we started with a very basic program and an intuitive interface.

But we were convinced that our program could do much more than track hours worked. This is where our customers came in to play a key role in the development of our software. Customer requests have been and continue to be the building blocks of mJobTime. If you think about it, who knows the business better than the customer? They are the ones who do this for a living and understand the intricacies and complexities of their processes. If they can find a way to do their job faster and more accurately and it has a fairly universal application, we are very receptive to making it available to all our customers. In these situations, we split the development cost with the customer making the request, but if they are willing to wait for us to do it on our timetable, there is no cost.  Not all requests become a part of the product. For those that we feel are very customer-specific, we provide them with a quote for customization.

Our employees are a very integral of part of the development process. We are very fortunate to have extremely bright, innovative people working for us who take their work very seriously. This allows us to communicate to them what we want to accomplish and let them take it from there. We give them guidance and support, and they provide the creativity necessary to achieve the desired result.

The same philosophy applies to our technical services and support. We hire bright people who totally understand the great responsibility that we have to our customers. No software is perfect and that includes mJobTime. When you have humans writing code (which fortunately we still have), you’re going to have bugs. How you respond to those bugs can make a tremendous difference to the customer.  We’re not a huge company, so we can and do respond quickly when the need arises. Plus, we utilize one of the best customer service platforms on the market to help us stay on top of our support. We’re very proud of our technical support service and our customers will back us up on this as evidenced by the frequent unsolicited emails we receive from our customers praising our service.

Still, you might want to know what differentiates us from the competition in terms of features and functionality. Through the years, mJobTime has evolved into a very powerful enterprise mobile time tracking application. It comes with a wide range of software options, and in the case where more is needed, we offer customizations. But, unlike some of our competitors, we actually DO customizations. We enjoy the challenge and the satisfaction of making a customer happy.

Here is what we think the mJobTime Difference is:

  • Modular – mJobTime is modular. You purchase only the modules you need,
  • User-based Pricing – we do not charge on an employee basis,
  • System Options – the Company Settings page contains four tabs of various program options plus a fifth tab for renaming the field labels in mJobTime,
  • Import/Export – mJobTime has a data mapping utility with filtering capabilities that allow our users to work with the right data. There is also a similar utility for creating one or multiple data export templates i.e. to accounting, payroll, spreadsheets, etc. Exports can be filtered as well,
  • Review and Approvals – foremen and managers can review, edit and approve records in the field. Admin users have up to 4 additional levels of approval,
  • Powerful and Flexible Overtime and Break Processing Utilities – create your own rules, save them, and run as needed,
  • Multi-record Editing – edit records one at a time or in batches,
  • User Groups – allows the Supervisor user to set program access for all other admin users,
  • Time Entry Methods – users can track hours in real-time or after-the-fact. In addition, they can utilize bar code scanning, pin numbers, or fingerprint scanning,
  • Field Reporting – generate labor reports in the field and email
  • Budgets – import budgets or create manually. Budgets are updated in real-time
  • Enhanced Daily Logs – create custom “Events” which can be job specific, can include cost or billing rates, can be numeric or checkbox fields, and can be associated with other mJobTime tables and fields,
  • Employee Web Portal – for employees to confidentially check their hours worked,
  • Annotatable Forms – for adding signatures, marks, highlights, notes and drawings to company forms such as employee time reports, inspection reports, change orders, work orders, etc. and then attach to the job.

Mobile job tracking is the only thing that we do, and for that reason, we think we do it best. We hope you agree with us. Obviously, we are not going to be the best fit in all situations, but we will be happy to review your situation and assist you in finding the right solution. Our sales professionals are experienced, highly trained, and are interested in helping you succeed. Give them a call at 866-922-TIME (8463).

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”
Steve Jobs
American entrepreneur

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