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Welcome to the modern age of labor time tracking. No longer are businesses tethered to paper timesheets and punch cards, endless corrections and hours of payroll processing. Now your company can access the time clock anywhere at anytime with mJobTime’s mobile time tracking software.

Punch Clocks of Yesterday

With paper timesheets your certainty is limited and ineffective; accuracy depends in large part to who’s clock you’re relying upon, and by trusting your team members to consistently manage their efforts. You’re taking the focus off the bigger responsibility of producing for your company.Inevitably people will forget to write things down or punch in/out, leaving records incomplete and inaccurate, which leads to much larger challenges when working with billable time and cost tracking analysis.

Additionally, digital punch clockcapabilities are limited by the manufacturer’s software and there are no customizations for your specific business needs. Does it work with my accounting software? How often they ever release updates? Who knows?

Mobile Labor Time Tracking with mJobTime

MJobTime handles your employee punches on mobile devices and computers, appending your jobs and cost codes every time they punch in or out. Even if your crew is on a site without internet access, their punches are stored and ready to upload to mJobTime when they make it back tocivilization.

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Additionally,mJobTime works hand-in-hand with your existing accounting and payroll software; exporting labor records precisely on your labor time processing schedule, leaving little room for human error.

After all, we can all agree that less paperwork is always a good thing!

Get Real-Time Results

The biggest difference between punch clocks and mobile time tracking is the fact that mJobTime is processed and reported in real-time. Employees can now review their time cards as they happen, foremen can make changes on the fly, and administrators can report, export and process payroll requirements any time they wish. This level of flexibility and customization can’t be found with any other mobile time tracking platform.

See for yourself how mJobTime’s mobile time tracking software will serve your company’s needs today with an online demo.

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