Mobile Time Tracking Software – Are You Buying Or Being Sold To?

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Ever wonder why there are so many direct response ads (infomercials) on television?

Because they work! At least in many cases, they do! Direct response marketers have their programs down to a science! They repeatedly drive home the benefits of a product, they use subconscious cues (quiet beach, gentle surf, sunny sky) to give you that warm feeling of peace and tranquility, enlist celebrities to expound on the virtues of their product, and then they call you to action. Many times with a plea of immediacy!

Colors are another way of selling to the consumer!
There is quite a lot of research on the subject of color psychology. Companies spend thousands of dollars trying to select the colors that send the right message to their prospects. Do you know what the various colors represent?
Are you being sold to?
Are you sometimes overly swayed by your audio and visual senses? So many times, I have read, examined, or viewed a particularly impressive article or demo and thought how fantastic the product was, only to realize after a healthy amount of reflection, that most of what I saw or read about, I really didn’t need or wouldn’t use.
How do I prevent being sold to?
Probably the biggest factor in avoiding this type of situation is to have a very concrete, specific list of your needs and requirements.  If you know without any question what you want your mobile time tracking software to do, and constantly keep that in mind, you will be much less susceptible to being swayed. Develop a prioritized list of these needs and requirements, and always keep them handy when reading information or viewing demos. This is not to say that you shouldn’t consider new and exciting features that may compliment your basic needs, but it is very important to know what your main objectives are.
Finding the right mobile time tracking software is a very complicated task. Time tracking systems come in a variety of flavors and no system is the right solution for every company. You can simplify the process greatly by determining in advance what your greatest needs are and seeking a system that fills those needs the best.

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