Mobile Time Tracking Construction Industry Update: June, 2011

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Welcome to the latest edition of MobileTime, a blog about the issues affecting mobile time tracking and the construction industry in general.  Our goal for this blog is to provide useful, helpful information presented in a concise format to our customers and all others who might benefit. Today’s article will feature select news topics affecting the construction industry as a whole.

Reconstruction Lifts Economy After Disasters – 5/31/11
Tornadoes and floods have devastated much of the South and Midwest but as many of the affected businesses and residents deal with the aftermath, economic activity is on the rise led by reconstruction.

No End In Sight To Construction’s Woes – 6/6/11
“The construction industry will continue to experience double-digit unemployment rates for a long time,” says Ken Simonson, chief economist for Associated General Contractors of America.

Man vs. Machine – 6/10/11
Spending on equipment and software has risen 25.6 percent in the last seven quarters compared to a meager 2.2 percent increase in aggregate spending on employees.

How to fix crumbling U.S. roads, rails and airways – 6/17/11
In the face of a shaky economy, declining tax revenues and public sentiment for spending cuts lies a public infrastructure urgently in need of significant upgrades.

Senators move first on transport bill – 6/3/11
Leaders of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee have agreed on a framework for a $339.2-billion highway-transit measure that could span up to six years but will the supporting revenues be sufficient?

Which Niches Will Offer Riches in 2011 and Beyond? – 6/15/11
As the construction industry as a whole continues to flounder, 2011 may be the year of the specialty contractor due to several promising niches

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