mJobTime Welcomes New Sales Team Member

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Reece Jordan Joins mJobTime’s Sales Team

In November, mJobTime welcomed a new sales member to their team. Reece Jordan joined mJobTime as the newest Territory Sales Manager, and he has brightened the office ever since.

As mJobTime’s in-house sales representative, Reece will be talking to local, national and international customers. He attends local construction networking events and will soon attend future trade shows where mJobTime will exhibit. He will also be training new customers on how to use mJobTime after installation and implementation.

Since his arrival a few months ago, he has already brought in new clients and is currently working with many companies in the process of determining how mJobTime can be customized and configured to fit their personal needs. Despite his short tenure, Reece has an extensive knowledge of the mJobTime software. His sales experience and technical skills make him a great asset to the team. He can answer any question about the software and help prospective customers understand how mJobTime can help them increase efficiency and productivity. Reece understands client needs, and with a smile on his face, he is always ready to help.

Q: What do you enjoy most about sales? 

Reece: I enjoy winning and doing what it takes to experience that. I enjoy the process, learning, striking out again and again, but not being afraid to keep swinging. I enjoy reaping the benefits of my efforts and consistency. Also, knowing that my personal success also benefits the company and growth is a huge reward.

Q: Is there a particular challenge that you have recently enjoyed? 

Reece:The biggest challenge I’ve enjoyed so far is the sales presentation and process. I believe that we have a great solution for time tracking. Presenting and communicating that clearly to the potential client is key to sucess.

Q: What has been your favorite project at mJobTIme so far?  

Reece: I’ve recently been working with a prospect who is interested with our software solution.  They were wanting to trial the software application in the field using their employees, jobs etc. Thanks to our great development team, we were able to create a trial server which allowed the prospect to experience the application. It was another step in the sales process that I believe will prove very successful.

Q: When it comes to fun, what do you love about mJobTime? 

Reece: The comradery amongst all my coworkers is fantastic. I enjoy the occasional lighthearted jokes and laid back conversations from the owners on down.  It makes the day that more enjoyable and daily grind more smooth and fun.

Q: What have you learned at mJobTime that you didn’t expect?   

Reece: The biggest thing I’ve learned but didn’t expect before coming here was the great support from everyone. I’ve worked for other tech companies where departments didn’t support the sales staff. Here at mJobTime, we are all a part of a great team, and regardless of your title or position, you are respected equally and supported fully.

Q: What are you looking forward to in the future? 

Reece: I certainly have great confidence in our company and our outlook going forward.  I’m looking forward to learning more and more about the mJobTime solution and finding ways to translate that to prospects. In my short time here, I have seen great success and have no doubts that the future will bring much more.

Reece’s sense of humor and friendly demeanor make him a shining star in the office. His creativity, drive and enthusiasm are appreciated by his fellow employees, prospective customers, and even more so, by his employers.  “Reece has been a great addition to the mJobTime sales team,” said Rich Daniels, VP/CFO of mJobTime. “From the start, Reece completely immersed himself in our software to learn everything he could about what it does and how it works.  Now, our prospective customers are enjoying the benefits of all that knowledge gained in such a short time. Reece conducts his interviews and demos with an easy confidence that comes from knowing the product so well. We believe he has a bright future with this company.”

If you would like to learn more about mJobTime software, you can connect with Reece by phone, email, or by requesting a demo on mJobTime’s website:

Reece Jordan

Territory Sales Manager


[email protected]


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