mJobTime Reaches Wide Audience within the Construction Industry

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Customization brings a wide variety to client roster

From the beginning, mJobTime’s primary focus has been on serving the needs of the construction industry. Today, our reach extends far beyond general contractors. Thanks largely to our customizable and configurable software, today you will find mJobTime mobile time tracking software on all types of job sites.

What’s even more impressive is that many of our happy clients often refer mJobTime to their industry partners as a recommended solution for their labor time tracking needs.

What does mJobTime do for you?

mJobTime provides your company with the flexibility to accurately and efficiently collect and process field data in a timely manner whether you are a small specialty contractor with a hand-full of employees or a large general contractor with thousands of employees.

Your field staff will be able to track:

  • Labortime in real-time or after the fact for individuals or crews
  • Equipment used by the individual piece or in groups
  • Important jobsite events and metrics with custom daily logs, production units, daily quantities, per diem, equipment meter readings, and more
  •  Actual results against job budgets either imported or entered manually
  • Physical locations of your employees at clock in/outwith GPS and geo-fencing technology
  • File sharing and collaboration with annotatable pdf forms (coming soon)

Your administrative and management staff will be able to:

  • Customize data field names to fit your company jargon
  • Configure customized functionality for each field user
  • Assign specific employees, jobs, cost codes, and other data to each foreman
  • Calculate overtime automatically according to company or union policies
  • Insert breaks into groups of employeetime records
  • Review, edit, approve, and report on the field data collected
  • Create multiple, customizable export files of time records for importing to accounting, payroll, spreadsheets, or other
  • Compare actual results with budgeted hours or units
  • Review job documentation for explanations of job delays or budget over-runs

What does this mean for you?

Simply stated, mJobTime will save you time and money.  How do we do that?

  • Our easy-to-learn, simple-to-use software takes the effort out of time tracking for our field users, allowing them to be moreproductive on what they do best – construction. Foremen or other field managers no longer have to pick-up, carry around, or deliver paper timesheets to the office
  • Our flexible but straight-forward review screens allow foremen, construction managers, and superintendents to quickly and thoroughly review, distribute, approve, or question time card entries
  • Our instant processing of all transactions allows management in the field or office to get a real-time comparison of actual results versus budgeted amounts thus allowing them to quickly address negative trends
  • Payroll personnel save time by no longer having to deal with lost or illegible paper timecards
  • With manual entry of time records eliminated, so too are the expensive errors attributed to this process. Instead of hurriedly entering time cards at the end of each pay period, payroll personnel can simply review time records each day as they come in.
  • Flexible overtime rules can be created in the office and run as needed saving a ton of time and errors on manual calculations
  • Importing new or updated information from the accounting/ERP system can be automated to run at scheduled intervals, but can be manually performed if new employees, jobs, or other data need to be pulled in quickly
  • Exporting of time cards to accounting/payroll is configurable even allowing for a single terminated employee if necessary

In many cases, mJobTime has allowed our customers to reduce their administrative staff, assign them to other duties, or at the very least, decrease their number of hours worked.

As we lead the industry, we continue to offer the most options of any mobile time clock software thanks in large part to our customer-centric development strategy.Who knows construction better than our clients? We constantly encourage them to share with us their most efficient and effective processes for remote time tracking.

No matter what sector of construction or industrythat you’re in, mJobTimecould very likely be the right solution for you. See why more and more contractors are trusting mJobTime for their mobile time tracking needs. Sign up for a personalized demo today.

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