mJobTime Celebrates One Year of Smiles

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Applause and appreciationfor Jamie Bailey’s one-year anniversary

Jamie Bailey is the first voice you hear when you call mJobTime. During each business day, she greets you with a smile and the answer you are looking for. She easily tackles any administrative task; keeping theofficewell stocked, opening technical support tickets for customers, and ordering huge team meals to celebrate birthdays and special events. We count on Jamie to help make our team work together smoothly.

Q: Is there a particular challenge that you have recently enjoyed?

Jamie: I have enjoyed creating new email campaigns for trade shows in the past, but it has definitely been challenging.Luckily, our new Corporate Software Trainer, Denise Duke,has a marketing backgroundand is now managing our marketing strategies, but I still enjoy when I get to work with the team, even if it’s just editing or finding graphics or photos.

Q: What has been your favorite project at mJobTIme so far?

Jamie:I think my favorite project that I’ve been involved with so far has been the design of our upcoming icons for themJobTime Web Edition. It’s exciting to watch the creative development, and I look forward to positive customer feedback after the change is implemented.

Jamie has enjoyed taking over theresponsibilitiesof organizing and coordinating our attendance at industry trade shows and special events. Currently we attend about six to eight trade shows a year, and each one presents its own challenges. Her management and coordination continues toaid our sales team,allowing them to focus on bringing in new mJobTime customers.

She also keeps our two offices communicating smoothly, insuring that our sales teamis always informedof new prospectsand opportunities. Online or offline, Jamie is always cognizantof what’s going on at the officeand ready to answer any question.

Q: When it comes to fun, what do you love about mJobTime?

Jamie: Besides being dubbed the office artist, I love the fun and productive atmosphere of mJobTime. Everyone on our team has a sense of humor, and we all have eachother’s backs. If someone needs help on an issue, we can rely on the support of our co-workers to band together to help find a solution. I also love that mJobTime is always evolving with new technology and innovations that are beneficial to our software as well as our office environment.

Q: What have you learned at mJobTime that you didn’t expect?

Jamie: I’ve definitely learned many useful programs, software, and CRM products, including everything from QuickBooks to Salesforce. Being trained on how to manage projects, inbound marketing, and customer relationships has been a great learning experience. I’ve even dabbled in a little HTML! VERY little.

Q: What projectsare you looking forward to in the future?

Jamie: I look forward to watching our company grow and develop its creative side. Since I have a background in advertising, being involved in design and marketing has been a thrill.

Today, Jamie personally handles every single contact on our request form. Clients and prospective partners rely on her prompt response and information to keep their phones ringing. So, feel free to reach out to Jamie on our site to set up your demo of mJobTime today.

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