Is Your Accounting System’s Mobile Time Tracking Product Always the Best Solution?

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One of our prospective customers said they very recently saw a webinar from a large ERP provider who proclaimed that their software was better because it is “built-in” and not “bolted on.” This led me to ponder the question “is an integrated time tracking solution always best?”

Many of the construction accounting software companies whose customers are also our customers have added a mobile time tracking component in the last few years. We think it is a good decision on their part because of the natural integration that it provides with their payroll system. Now, instead of entering employee hours worked in the field on paper timesheets or digital spreadsheets and re-keying them in the office, the records created go directly to payroll and the checks generated. This allows for a much more efficient payroll system, one that is needed by many, if not most, construction contractors.

But there is room for companies like mJobTime who specialize in mobile time-tracking software. Our customers have told us that we are among the most flexible, configurable, and customizable construction time clock systems available. And that is a direct result of input from our customers. We literally have been built from the ground up through requests from our customers.

When we first created our application, it was designed for specific construction accounting software applications. After the first few integrations, we knew that we had to change our strategy to make mJobTime very flexible and capable of integrating with many different software and payroll packages. All of these programs are different, and the differences can often be significant.

On one end of the spectrum, we have those that are designed for small construction contractors with basic needs. On the other end, we have ERP systems used by large construction, energy, landscaping, and other companies with very sophisticated timekeeping requirements.

To be a viable time tracking option to all these contractors, we have to offer a wide range of features and options. For instance, let’s talk about entering time. Many applications only offer time entry in real-time where the foremen will clock their employees in and out as needed. But in some instances, they may have to step away from the job or may be on a different jobsite altogether than their employees. For those situations, it would be far simpler to enter the employee time at the end of the day in summary fashion. In fact, some contractors prefer to enter a specific amount of hours to each employee daily and then distribute that time to different jobs, phases, and cost codes.

Another relevant situation occurs when companies utilize a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program where the user tracks time on their personal device. Some of the users may use Android devices, while others utilize iOS devices (iPhone or iPad). Timekeeping clerks in a jobsite trailer often use a Windows-based laptop or desktop, and for large jobs with many employees, contractors frequently require a time clock or biometric (fingerprint or handpunch) device. mJobTime is prepared to handle all these very different scenarios.

Overtime and per diem calculations are another area where companies employ a wide array of rules. Some of these rules are required by the federal government, some by state governments, some by union rules, and others dictated by the company. Frequently, multiple rules will come into play requiring that the overtime calculations be run in a very specific order. Likewise, per diem allowances paid to employees can differ substantially from one company to the next. Per diem can be manually entered, set as a fixed rate by company, job, or employee, entered as a custom rate, or through a pay rate table.

Obviously, these few examples show the considerable amount of flexibility and configurability required to meet the mobile time clock needs of a wide range of companies using different accounting and payroll systems. And we haven’t even touched on customizations, but we’ll leave that for another discussion. mJobTime isn’t for everyone, but for those companies that it is, we are ready to help.

Our professional sales associates will help you determine whether mJobTime is the right solution for your company. If it is, our experienced and knowledgeable technical staff will work closely with you to achieve a successful implementation. We want happy customers, and we’re prepared to do the work necessary to make you happy. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 1-866-922-TIME (8463) or by email at [email protected].

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

— Henry Ford

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