Innovations in Construction: September, 2011

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Welcome to the latest edition of MobileTime, a blog about the issues affecting mobile time tracking and the Construction Industry in general.  Our goal for this blog is to provide useful, helpful information presented in a concise format to our customers and all others who might benefit. Today’s article will feature select news topics regarding new innovations for the construction industry.

How genetic engineering of bacteria can be used to repair concrete – 9/29/11 “It seems that a team of students at a British university has used genetic modification to develop a way to repair fine cracks. Their achievement holds the promise of prolonged life for concrete structures and a reduction impact that they will have on the environment over the life of the structures. ”

Long-life bridges using NRC’s new concrete technology – 9/19/11 “Preliminary predictions indicate that the service life of bridge decks could be extended by a factor of four, and associated life cycle costs reduced by a factor of three, compared to decks made with conventional normal strength concrete. This would constitute a significant contribution to sustainability in bridge technology.”

Willmott Dixon tests latest low carbon innovations – 9/20/11 “Willmott Dixon is putting to the test two new energy savings systems that are at the cutting edge of low carbon technology.” “The builder, which is now one of the industry’s leading promoters of low carbon solutions, is harvesting footfall energy and using new transparent photovoltaic glazing to generate free electricity.”

Modular Home Industry Leading In Construction Innovations – 9/9/11 “As time progressed and the modular construction industry enhanced, improved and developed new materials, equipment, fasteners and methods, the gap between the standards closed. Today, many types of fast, yet durable methods of construction that were once only used in modular construction are not regularly used in conventional construction.”

Given all the construction industry’s problems brought on by the struggling national economy, innovations that may lead to cheaper, better, and more efficient construction should be well received.

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