Geo-fencing For mJobTime’s Mobile Time Tracking Software

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According to Wikipedia, a geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. A geo-fence allows users of the system to draw zones around places of work, customer sites and secure areas. In construction, when an employee or piece of equipment crosses outside the geo-fence( job-site), typically an alert is generated to notify the appropriate company personnel. The incident can then be investigated to determine the facts.

Jobsite Geo-fencing is the latest feature to be added to mJobTime’s mobile time tracking software. It allows Admin users to set a geofence radius around each jobsite location and be notified when employees clock in or out (or change tasks) outside of that radius. With GPS tracking on Windows Mobile or BlackBerry handsets, GPS coordinates are captured as field users clock in, clock out, or change tasks. During remote data sync, these coordinates will be compared to the jobsite coordinates. If the field-captured coordinates vary from jobsite coordinates more than the allowable “Geofence Radius”, the time record will be “flagged” in the Alerts screen. “Flagged” records can then be edited from the Alerts screen, the Labor Time Listing screen, or the Weekly Time Entry screen. Once the alert is released, the record will be removed from the Alerts screen.

If you would like to begin using mJobTime’s JobSite Geo-fencing or would like to learn more about it, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 866-922-8463.

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