Extending the Battery Life of Your Mobile Time Tracking Smartphone

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It’s the middle of your work afternoon, and all of a sudden you hear that sweet little warning beep that tells you your smartphone battery, the one you use for phone calls, emails, news and weather updates, and especially for that fantastic mobile time tracking software application you can’t do without, is about to die!  At this exact moment you start thinking to yourself – why isn’t my battery lasting longer?

Smartphones in general tend to be prone to shorter battery life because of all of the capabilities built into the phones.  We’re here today to offer some tips that will hopefully extend the life of your battery, and what to do in case it still doesn’t last as long as you need it to.

Screen Brightness – If you’re getting a good tan from your smartphone screen, chances are that your setting is a little high. Turn it down to the lowest level that you can accept and do the same for the Backlight setting.

Email – most email programs utilize “Push” technology where email messages are delivered to you instantly or according to a pre-determined interval that you have set.  Although undoubtedly, you are a very important person who needs to be updated often, your battery will continue to bring those messages for a longer period of time between charges if you will change the setting to “Check Manually”.

Wi-Fi – Wi-fi is not a real popular feature among cell-phone network providers because it allows you to send data via the Internet without one of their expensive little data plans.  The one small problem with Wi-fi is finding an access point, and your device can use a whole lot of juice just trying to detect one.  If you won’t be needing Wi-fi for a while, or maybe you’re in-route to a location where you will be using it, just turn it off until you need it.

Apps – Okay, so admit it, you use Facebook and Twitter on your smartphone!  Do you really have to be notified immediately if someone Tweets you or sends a Facebook message? Didn’t think so.  You can extend you battery life substantially if you turn these apps off when not using.  Same goes for those services that help you locate the nearest Starbucks!

Other Tips(Duh!)

  • Recharge early and often
  • Carry a battery extender
  • Carry a fully-charged spare

We hope these tips will help you avoid problems relating to short battery life.  If you have any additional tips or comments we hope you’ll share them with us.

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