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We recently talked to a prospective customer who was looking to purchase a mobile time tracking software application. They were looking for many of the same features and functionality that we offer, but there was one big thing that separated them from most of the prospects we talk to – they already had a mobile time clock application.

In this blog, we try to provide information and advice that will help readers make a better informed decision. We realize that we are not always the optimum solution for every situation. There are times when, after we have submitted our proposal to the prospective customer, they will come back and say, “XYZ Company is $$$ cheaper”. Our usual response to that scenario is “if XYZ can do everything you need at that price, then you should buy it”. And we are being very sincere when we respond that way. If another company’s software can do everything you need it to do, and it is cheaper, why wouldn’t you buy it? Just make sure that what you are buying really does solve your current issues, is not going to add to your workload, and can grow with your business.

To help you with your purchase decision, we’d like to make a couple of recommendations to allow you to avoid this situation:

Don’t do it alone – get some help. If possible, try to involve others in your search for a time card software program. First of all, it’s a good idea to get any co-workers involved who have a vested interest. This can include anyone from job foremen to project managers, from entry clerks to payroll administrators. Their participation will bring new ideas and fresh perspectives. And, the more input you have from others in the organization, the better your chance for a wide-scale buy-in once you install your system. Second, getting others involved spreads the risk. Have you ever considered what the consequences will be if YOU make the wrong decision? The prospect mentioned earlier spent more than $100,000 on their first system. Imagine having to go to your boss and telling him/her that this system is not working. Ouch! Not a very enviable situation.

Do your homework.  The absolute best thing you can do is be prepared – I recently read a post on LinkedIn where the author was asking for input regarding a particular accounting software package. I was amazed at the number of respondents who were actually using that software but were extremely critical of it. To me, that indicated that either someone was left out of the acquisition process that should have been included, and/or not enough due diligence was performed.

You should go into the discovery process with a prioritized list of requirements for your construction time clock solution. But coming up with that list involves a lot of hard work. Have your team members identify the problem areas and consider doing a time study to see where the biggest savings can be attained.

Once you have your prioritized list, find out who the players are. You should always have your list in mind when considering potential mobile time tracking software vendors. If a vendor can’t do what you need done, they shouldn’t be on your list, regardless of price. This includes any customizations needed to enable your own specific processes.

After coming up with your list of time and attendance software vendors, check them out closely. Do one or more demos with each to get a more accurate feel for what they do and how they do it. Always be on the lookout for how intuitive a software package is. The more intuitive it is, the easier it will be to use.

Narrow your choice of vendors down to a small list of finalists. Do additional demos if necessary and see if the vendors have demo systems that allow you to actually “play” with the system.

Finally, check out references. One of the key things to check on is the service and support after the sale. You don’t want to be left abandoned after you write the check.  Also, find out how willing a vendor is to add new functionality to the product.

If you and your team are thorough in your preparations and thoughtful in your deliberations, the chances are excellent that you will pick the right solution for your company.

Whether you are looking for your initial purchase or needing a “Mulligan” on your first construction time clock acquisition, we are here to help you in any way we can. Our sales professionals are experienced, highly trained, and are interested in helping you succeed. If you succeed, we succeed. Give them a call at 866-922-TIME (8463), email them at [email protected]

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”

Dale Carnegie

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