6 Tips for Hiring and Keeping Quality Construction Labor

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The most time intensive part of running any business is managing human resources. Finding and keeping good, quality employees takes energy, but it pays off when your staff is happy. Happy crews lead to quality work, accurate labor time, and less staff turnover.

Here are some ways to help ensure that you are placing your efforts in the right places.

Create a Unique Job Posting

When writingonline job posts, referral flyers or personal emails, make sure to convey your company’s brand. Create the post in the manner that conveys how fun your crew is to work with, how you feel when you finish a productive day, or how your customers feel about working with you. All of these are selling points on why quality employee prospects should work with you.

Ask for Referrals

Prospects are asked to provide a list of previous positions when compiling and submitting an application for employment. Make sure to reach out to the prospect’s previous employers. Prepare a list of brief questions to gauge the prospect’s familiarity with the requirements of the role, trustworthiness, and overall compatibility with your company’s vision.

Offer Referral Incentives

Your current and former employees likely know a handful of other people that work in construction, too. After working for a period of time, crew members develop and maintain relationships with one another. Tap into those relationships by offering your staff incentives for referring their friends and family. A simple way to encourage referrals is by offering gift cards or bonus pay incentives.

Retain Good Employees

Keeping your employees engaged and invested is the best way to ensure their job satisfaction. Share your company successes with frequent company-wide updates, emails, newsletters, etc. Keep staff up to date with new business wins and share customer satisfaction communication. Your success is due in large part to their dedication and service.

Share the wealth of your company’s success with incentive bonuses and parties. The reward doesn’t have to be huge to make an impact. Parties create positivememories, and unexpected bonuses can make a big impact in an hourly employees well-being.

Maintain Relationships with Previous Employees

When good employees part ways for appropriate reasons, it is good business practice to maintain a relationship with those alumni. Keep a readilyaccessible list of former employees, and make a point to contact them once a year to keep your company at the top of their mind. Continue to invite previous employees to selected company events, cookouts, and other informal occasions. As their life changes, that effort that you made to stay in contact with great former employees will pay off when they come back.

Make Recruitment a Part of Your Day, Each Day

Set aside a portion of your day to accomplish human resource tasks. Even when you are fully staffed for every project, new projects and employee turnover is always inevitably looming ahead. It is always better to be proactively prepared for changes instead of being reactionary.

These are just a few tips that can easily yield great results for your construction business. What tips do you have for finding and keeping quality construction labor?

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