System Manager

The Brains Of The Mobile Time Tracking System


In addition to housing the SQL database and other technology infrastructure, the System Manager handles the integration with the accounting software, payroll services, and other systems. It is the repository for all records created in the field or office and allows for review, editing, and approval of these records. It also provides utilities for calculating overtime and inserting unpaid breaks, handles the reporting system, and much more.

  • Seamless, flexible integration with virtually all construction accounting software packages and payroll services
  • Assign program access and rights to individual users through User Group setup
  • Multi-company/department 
  • Multi-level timecard approvals 
  • Documented audit trail of timecard changes
  • Create customized rules for overtime calculations and break insertions and run as needed
  • Edit and approve records one at a time or in batches
  • Create multiple templates to export records to your accounting system, payroll service, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Robust reporting with powerful filtering and sorting capabilities
  • Dashboard
  • Navigation panel

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