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Keeping Our Customers Happy Is Our #1 Goal

Once we sell you a system and get you up and running, our job is just beginning. We try to do a thorough job of training when you implement your mJobTime system, but we realize that you’re probably going to require a certain amount of hand-holding during the first two weeks of using our program. That’s what endears our patient and professional support staff to our customers. We know that it can be pretty frustrating learning a new system.

Even after that, you may run into a completely new problem or have a question regarding a part of the program you have never used before. Our technical support staff has many years of experience and is thoroughly familiar with the code and technical infrastructure of mJobTime. This allows them to quickly answer your questions or analyze your problem and provide a resolution.

Your annual maintenance and support contract entitles you to all new builds and bug fixes during the term of the contract as well as unlimited technical support. Our development team is constantly adding new functionality to the software.

Our average response times are excellent. Obviously, there will be times when we are busier than others, but on the whole, our staff responds very quickly.

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