mJobTime Joins Viewpoint Construction Development Partner Program

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mJobTime Accepted Into Viewpoint Construction
Software’s New Development Partner Program

BEAUMONT, TX, November 17, 2010 – mJobTime Corporation is pleased to announce that it has been accepted  into Viewpoint Construction Software’s new Development Partner Program.

“We are very excited to be one of the first members to be accepted into this program,” said Richard Daniels, Chief Financial Officer of mJobTime Corporation.  “Viewpoint has long been recognized as an industry leader in integrated, construction-specific software with consistently high customer satisfaction rates and cutting-edge technology.”

Through this partnership, mJobTime and Viewpoint Construction Software will have better access to each other’s technology platform, training, learning materials and more. This will allow the two companies to further integrate their products and provide their mutual clients with a synergistic solution for their needs.

“The heightened awareness and increased demand for our Viewpoint V6 Software, along with requests for integration to unique software suites helped us realize the need for a comprehensive program that will assure our customers compatibility with data migration,” explained Viewpoint CEO, Jay Haladay.

Haladay concluded, “We are committed to the long-term success and growth of this program and establishing strong relationships with our partners. We’re confident that the Viewpoint Development Partner Program is the right solution for accomplishing those objectives.”

About mJobTime Corporation
mJobTime Corporation is a leader in mobile time tracking  software solutions for the construction industry. For more than 15 years the company has delivered easy-to-use, scalable and customizable software that allows organizations to successfully manage their mobile workforce. The flagship product, mJobTime, delivers a substantial savings of time and money to businesses of all sizes by significantly improving and streamlining control over labor, equipment, and activities at the job site.

About Viewpoint Construction Software
Viewpoint Construction Software provides construction professionals with integrated, configurable applications for all aspects of project management, financial planning and day-to-day operations. Utilizing an award-winning Microsoft®.Net Framework and SQL Server database, Viewpoint Construction Software delivers a rock-solid software solution that’s as reliable and important as any tool on your site.

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