Electronic Time Clocks and Biometrics

Flexible Time Clock And Biometric Options For Construction Job Sites

Mobile software has been a game changer for the construction industry, but even though it is now the most popular option for tracking time in the field, it is not always the best solution.

Take for instance, a company having severe problems with buddy punching or maybe a job having a large number of employees to account for.  These types of scenarios generally call for some type of biometric device that will read a fingerprint, handprint, or some other physical trait. To alleviate frustrating time tracking issues, we provide construction folks with fingerprint scanners and other construction time clocks. 

 mJobTime understands these needs and has developed a seamless integration with select data collection devices. Take a look at our available time clocks for construction workers:

Announcing an Award-winning Innovation From mJobTime

A mobile biometric time tracking solution that allows employees to clock in and out via a fingerprint scan taken on iPhones and iPads. See how Ceco Construction uses mJobTime on iPads to better manage their 2,000 employees.

Buddy punching, where one employee clocks another employee (“the buddy”) in or out, has been a problem for construction companies since the invention of the punch clock in 1888. Previous solutions involved using separate scanning devices connected by cable to a laptop or tablet, or a stand-alone stationary (immobile) clock.

With this new app, mJobTime customers can now enjoy all the conveniences and security of a mobile biometric time tracking solution without the previous hassles. Use your iPhone or iPad to scan employees on or off the clock. It’s just that simple.

Acroprint Time Clocks And Biometric Devices

  • Multiple input options
  • Biometric options eliminate buddy punching
  • LAN or Ethernet/Internet TCP/IP capable
  • Flash memory protects data
  • Reversible mounting bracket for wall or desktop
  • Durable ABS construction

Acroprint Handpunch Terminals

  • Ensures payroll accuracy by requiring employees to be present to punch in or out
  • No badges or timecards needed
  • Eliminates buddy punching
  • Field-proven, highly accurate hand-geometry biometrics - recognition based on the size and shape of the hand
  • Fast and easy to use - typical verification time is 1 to 2 seconds

ATS Maximus Time Clocks And Biometrics

  • Optional proximity badge connectivity
  • USB connectivity
  • Eliminates buddy punching
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • On-board and remote diagnostics
  • Optional power-over-Ethernet module

Optical Fingerprint Scanners

  • Infra-red illumination – allows to scan wet, dry, blurred and other problematic fingers
  • Precise optics – allow to scan almost undistorted fingerprint image
  • FIPS 201 and PIV compliant – certified by FBI and included in US General Services Administration approved products list
  • Unique serial number programmed to USB Device Descriptor
  • Live Finger Detection – rejects fake fingers made from silicone, rubber, play-doh or other materials
  • Rugged sensor – thick (14 mm) crown glass used for platen