Product Comparison


Cloud Enterprise

For the enterprise business needing additional functionality and stronger accountability without the requisite IT resources like servers, operating software, and personnel


On-Premise Enterprise

For the enterprise business needing additional functionality and accountability who already have the needed IT resources

Labor Tracking

Approve timecards at up to 5 levels


Edit records individually or in batches
Approve records individually or in batches
Create custom overtime processing rules and assign to jobs
Create custom break insertion rules and assign to jobs
Round timecards to 1/4 hour for either hours or clock in/out times
Calculate per diem using multiple methods, i.e. company, job, employee, custom, etc.
Export completed timecards to accounting / ERP / Payroll Services / Excel, all or in filtered batches
Track labor costs
Track labor billings
Assign craft code and other union information to employees
Use highest pay rate option
Integrate with time clocks including polling

Mag-stripe readers

Visible barcode readers

Proximity readers

Integrate with biometric devices including polling

Fingerprint readers

Hand punch readers

Create custom text for employee signature capture - in multiple languages
Create shifts with daily or weekly schedules and shift rules for rounding, and grace and dock minutes

Cloud Enterprise

On-Premise Enterprise


Equipment Tracking

Track cost rates
Track bill rates
Track craft codes
Assign equipment to equipment groups
Create custom equipment use types

Cloud Enterprise

On-Premise Enterprise

Daily Field Tracking

Create custom daily events to track job-related incidents, i.e. weather conditions, accidents, meetings, etc.

Create custom event details to further categorize daily events, i.e. raining, sunny, snowing, etc

Assign to daily log groups including production units, per diem, daily quantities, and equipment readings

Options to make job-specific, include cost, and to include bill rate

Enter manually or import from existing table

Fields can be alpha-numeric, numeric, or a check box

Cloud Enterprise

On-Premise Enterprise


Import budgets from accounting
Build budgets manually
Maintain  separate budgets for labor, equipment, and production

Cloud Enterprise

On-Premise Enterprise


Share company templates with field users, i.e. inspection reports, safety reports, etc.
Attach documents to jobs

Cloud Enterprise

On-Premise Enterprise


Import or manually enter job addresses
Retrieve GPS coordinates and display map
Determine geo-fence radius for each job

Cloud Enterprise

On-Premise Enterprise


Import jobs, employees, phases, cost codes, etc. from accounting/ERP systems

Import manually or at scheduled intervals

Track multiple companies, divisions, and departments
Assign administrative permissions though user groups
Customize primary field names
Utilize job-specific phases and cost codes
Assign user-defined fields to jobs

Cloud Enterprise

On-Premise Enterprise


Daily Job Report (labor, equipment, and daily logs)
Labor Reports

Employee Time

Daily Time Sheet


Time Sheet (by employee)

Time Sheet (by job)

Time Sheet (with approvals)

Time Sheet (with signature)


Employees With Zero Hours

Employee Location

Compare Clock/Foreman Time

Equipment Time

Equipment With No Hours

Daily Log Report

Budget Review

Production Review

Attach External Crystal Reports

Cloud Enterprise

On-Premise Enterprise