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MobileTime: Mobile Time Tracking News and Tips

MobileTime: Mobile Time Tracking News and Tips

Collaborate 2015: Viewpoint User Conference - September 14 - 17, 2015 Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon
Much has changed since we wrote the original post for this subject back in June, 2011. Smartphone sales are expected to roughly double between 2011 and 2015 as shown in the following diagram courtesy of Statista: Statista estimates that handset penetration per capita in North America is expected to reach 104% by the end of 2015. What all this really means is that mobile technology is much more ubiquitous. The overwhelming portion of the populace has some kind of mobile device. Combining this with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies that have evolved in the last few years and the fact that much of the work force is younger, contractors are taking advantage of these changes to implement mobile technology in construction at a pace not previously seen. Companies that fail to do so will not remain competitive.
Probably the biggest factor in choosing a mobile time tracking application is determining what application meets your most important needs at the lowest possible cost.  No system can be the right solution for everybody.  Low price systems will save you money, but will they do what you need them to do?  High end systems may meet your requirements but can also have many features that you may never use. Although an in-depth discussion is beyond the scope of this article, here are a few points to consider:
So, you've purchased mJobTime and you’re enjoying the many benefits of our mobile time tracking software - a reduction in administrative data entry time, more accurate time records, and better control over your field labor, etc. One huge benefit of becoming a mJobTime customer is the top notch technical support you will receive. Our experienced and professional staff is always available to answer questions about mJobTime, but with our new updated Online Customer Support Documentation, customers can now answer their own questions. Once logged in, you can access our library of support documents, organized by the same menus within the software, or simply search for the topic you are looking to access.
Original Post: PRNewswire mJobTime Corporation announces the addition of the Documents Manager to the growing line up of modules in the mJobTime Mobility Suite. This revolutionary mobile labor time tracking software continues to change how field service companies manage labor time tracking.  Representatives will be in attendance at this year's Intersolar 2015 in San Francisco, California, July 14-16, demonstrating the new Documents Manager along with the complete line of mobile labor time tracking software. To make an appointment, submit a contact request with your details. 
Going Mobile Webinar: 30 Minutes to Success Janice Newland, VP - Business Development Tuesday, July 28, 2015 Two Convenient Times As mobile technology advances and time tracking applications mature, companies are now able to enjoy more powerful programs, tighter integration with accounting/ERP applications, run their apps on more devices, and increase productivity by doing much more than just tracking time in the field.
Join us in congratulating Lead Web Developer, James Sumner on 3 years with mJobTime. James has had a significant impact during his time with our web development team.When James joined mJobTime in June of 2012, our flagship web application was in its infancy. It included basic clock in/clock out functionality plus a few bells and whistles, but was far from the polished application it is today. The current evolution of our feature-rich "web app" is, in no small part, due to James' abilities in software design, development, and team management.
July 14-16, 2015 San Francisco, California VISIT MJOBTIME Level 1: BOOTH #7217 Janice Newland, VP of Business Development, will be on hand to visit with our valued solar industry contacts to understand your mobile time tracking needs and to share with you how mJobTime can increase your productivity and improve your bottom line. We will also be making a special release and announcement during the event, so stay tuned! Take advantage of your time at Intersolar and contact us to pre-schedule a private session with Janice to discuss your particular issues, needs, and goals during the event.
Touch screens have evolved by leaps and bounds in the past 50 years. From our first glimpse at what could be possible in the 1960's, to today's pocket smartphones and tablets, breaking away from the keyboard has been the motivator in touch screen technology.  The Palm Pilot made it's first debut in 1997, and brought with it the vision of what being truly mobile might mean for the future. No longer were businesses tethered to their keyboard to manage job functions. As if foretelling what was to come, mJobTime jumped to advance to the forefront of the mobile technology market, developing one of the first mobile labor time tracking applications for the Palm Pilot.

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