Is mJobTime only for construction companies?
Definitely not! We have a number of customers in other industries. Although our primary market has been the construction industry, mJobTime is well suited for just about any entity whose work centers around projects or jobs and who have employees in the field. To make it easier for our non-construction customers, we give you the ability to rename our primary data fields. For example, you could use Customer or Project instead of Job, Sub-Job instead of Phase, or Task or Activity instead of Cost Code. mJobTime is a very flexible system well-suited for any number of industries.
How does mJobTime cut down on my paperwork?
mJobTime can dramatically reduce your paperwork in many ways. Obviously, you will no longer need to use paper timesheets to record your time. Commonly, with crews in remote locations, timesheets will be faxed, or scanned and emailed to the office where they will be reprinted. With mJobTime, these records will both be created in the field and received in the office digitally. But mJobTime can cut your paperwork even more. Many companies require their field managers to maintain activity logs, notes, and even pictures pertaining to the job. mJobTime stores all this information electronically. Think of all the storage space you will save, not to mention the time saved searching for an original record in storage.
Our company has thousands and thousands of records each year, sometimes each month. Will this slow down processing time in mJobTime?
mJobTime provides an Archival utility that allows our customers to move records to a history file without losing them. Periodically archiving records is a great way to ensure that your processing time does not suffer any degradation.
Some of my employees speak Spanish as their primary language. Can they operate mJobTime in Spanish?
Yes, the Web Version of mJobTime is multi-lingual, and we have the capability of adding other languages.
I have more than one company with employees. Can mJobTime track employees for all these companies?
Yes, mJobTime enables our customers to work with multiple companies, divisions, departments, etc.
Can I track time for contract employees in mJobTime?
Yes, mJobTime can track both payroll and non-payroll as long as our customers have a separate designation for contract employees.


What is the cost of mJobTime?
The cost of a mJobTime system depends upon many factors including the type and number of licenses purchased, the type and number of modules purchased, and the level of implementation service selected.
If I purchase mJobTime, what am I required to buy?
We realize that our customers have different requirements and needs. In general, small companies have basic needs, while larger companies have many more requirements. mJobTime is sold as a modular system that includes software licenses and individual modules. We give you the choice to pick the level of functionality that works for your company. All systems include the mJobTime System Manager, installation and training, and first year annual maintenance. Discounts are available at certain volume levels.
What kind of licenses are offered?
We offer two types of licenses:
  • Standard User licenses for tracking or reviewing multiple employees, i.e. admin users, crew leaders, managers, and time clocks.
  • Individual User licenses to allow an individual employee to track his own time, i.e. service techs, job-jumpers, inspectors, etc.
I have a fast-growing company. Will I be charged for every new field employee?
No, mJobTime does not penalize you for your success. Our most common scenario is for mJobTime to be used by a foreman or crew leader. He will use his Standard User license to track the time for his crew. In most situations, you will only need to add licenses for each new crew not each new employee.

Integration with Accounting, Payroll, etc.

Will mJobTime work with my accounting software?

There are generally two requirements for mJobTime to integrate with any particular accounting software.

  • The accounting system database must be ODBC compliant, and
  • The payroll module must have an import feature.
Partial list of accounting software companies that we integrate with.
How does mJobTime integrate with my accounting software package?
When you become a mJobTime customer, you will be assigned one of our experienced Technical Services Implementation Specialists, whose first order of business will be to help you setup the integration with your accounting software application. This will include mapping the accounting software tables and fields to the associated tables and fields in mJobTime. They will work with you to determine if and how you need to filter the imported data and what specific criteria to use. Ours is not a one-size-fits-all solution as we work very closely with our customers to use the data that is important to them. Whatever the integration, the key point here is that you will never have to manually enter accounting information into mJobTime again. All that will come over with the click of a button, and sometimes not even that is required. We can help you set up daily imports on a scheduled basis where no manual participation is required.
My company uses a service for processing payroll. However, we still need the information in our accounting system for job costing purposes. Does mJobTime allow timecards to be exported multiple times?
Yes, our Export Utility allows users to set up separate export files to send the information to accounting, payroll services, parent companies, unions, or to an Excel file for additional analysis. By creating them as separate export templates, they can be used over and over.
My employees have been working with our accounting system for quite some time and are used to working with specific field names. Can I rename fields in mJobTime?
Yes, the primary data field labels (employee, job, phase, cost code, etc.) can be customized to allow our customers to work with the names they are familiar and comfortable with. Afterwards, the changes are reflected throughout the program including reports.
How do I know that the data I am working with in mJobTime is correct?

mJobTime pulls all company data directly from the accounting software program to ensure data integrity.

My accounting software allows me to designate specific phases and cost codes for each job. Can mJobTime import those codes and maintain that relationship with the job without having to do any additional work?

Yes, mJobTime has an option that allows you to import phases and cost codes by job. When time records are created, only those phases and cost codes can be used with that job.

What happens to my records after they are exported to my accounting software?

All exported records are marked as “Exported” and will no longer appear in the mJobTime review screens by default. But the records are not gone. You can still see these records by checking the "Include Exported" checkbox in the filter criteria.

In The Field

What methods can I use to enter time in mJobTime?
Records can be entered in mJobTime using several different methods. We allow our users to capture punches in real-time, or to enter time after-the-fact. If they enter after-the-fact time, our users can enter hours worked or enter start and stop times as well as start and stop times for breaks. Our California users find this to be very helpful in complying with their state payroll laws. Our Windows version allows users to enter time in a daily or weekly grid for those customers who are used to working in a similar type grid. Time can be entered by job and crew or by employee.
How is the software accessed remotely on wireless devices?
The mJobTime Web Version is accessible on current mobile devices through any web browser.
Can mJobTime handle situations where my employees clock in on one day and clock out on the next?
Yes, we have several customers whose employees work shifts which begin on one day and end on the next. Our calculations of time worked include the clock-in date and time, and the clock-out date and time.
Can I use a barcode scanner on my smartphone or tablet to clock employees in and out?
Yes, some of our customers use their device’s built-in camera to scan employee badges for capturing real-time punches. Others use a blue-tooth barcode scanner.
My employees must sign for their hours worked. Is this possible in mJobTime?
Yes, for our customers using our Web Version, digital signatures can be captured on most touchscreen devices by using a finger or stylus. For companies using our Windows Version, signatures are recorded using a USB-connected signature pad. We also allow our customers to create their own customized approval text.
Is GPS available in mJobTime?
Yes, GPS is a separate module in mJobTime and captures GPS coordinates at clock in and clock out. These coordinates can later be reported on using Google Maps. Geo-fencing is also available in mJobTime and allows our users to setup a virtual perimeter around the jobsite. When a clock in or out is received outside that perimeter, an alert is created.
Does mJobTime work in off-line (disconnected) mode?
Yes, you can enter and edit information while disconnected. mJobTime will automatically update your information once a connection is reestablished.
Can mJobTime track production units?
Yes. Production units can be tracked as part of the labor tracking process, or tracked separately as a component of our Daily Logs module.
Can I take a picture on my device and make it a part of the job record?
Yes, mJobTime allows you to capture a picture and attach it to a Daily Log record for the associated job. Once this record has been synced, it will always be viewable until the record is discarded. You can also add notes to this record.
Can mJobTime be configured to integrate with time clocks and biometric devices?
Yes, mJobTime can integrate with time clocks using barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers, and proximity sensors. These devices can also be equipped with fingerprint scanners. Our capabilities include polling all clocks which allows time clock employees to clock in and out on separate devices. mJobTime also enables biometrics on laptops using USB fingerprint scanners.
Currently, we require our field foremen to approve their crew records, after which they are approved by the Superintendent in charge, and finally by the Payroll Manager. Can records be approved at multiple levels in mJobTime?
Yes, mJobTime allows approvals for up to 5 stages.
Can mJobTime handle job jumping?
Yes, the mJobTime Web Version utilizes a Change Task feature to allow users to clock out of one job and into another in one step. Our time clock interface also allows users to clock in or out at different clocks.
Can my employees view their hours worked on their personal devices?
Yes, mJobTime has an Employee Portal through which an employee can log in to view, print, or email their hours worked for any week or two–week period.
We have several company template forms that our foremen are required to complete for each job. Can these forms be completed in mJobTime?
Yes, our Documents Manager module allows field users to download annotatable PDF forms which can be completed and saved to mJobTime in digital form.

In The Office

Does mJobTime create audit trails for edited time records?
Yes, mJobTime creates an audit history for any record whose hours worked has been altered and approved.
Can I edit or approve multiple records at once?
Yes, labor records can be selected and edited simultaneously with our multi-edit function. Additionally, multiple selected records can be approved at once.
Can labor hours be entered and distributed later on?
Yes, labor hours can be distributed in the field or in the office.
I have situations in which my guys work on the same job doing the same task for days at a time. Is it possible to copy a previous day’s time records for today’s crew records?
Yes. Timecards can be copied in the field or office.
My company uses union labor. Can mJobTime track employee hours by craft code? Does it also track other union data?
mJobTime can track employee hours by craft code and can capture many other union criteria as well.
I have several payroll employees working in my office each with varying levels of responsibility. Is it possible for me to assign different rights and privileges to these employees?
We realize that accounting or payroll managers frequently do not want each user to have the same access and rights to the System Manager, so we allow them to control this though our User Groups feature. Rights to all program features and reports are established at the group level, and each user is assigned to a specific group.
Occasionally, I have a worker who quits or gets fired during the day. Can mJobTime export just his record to accounting for immediate processing?
Yes. Our Export Data feature provides numerous ways to filter which records get sent to accounting/payroll including by employee number.
Our overtime calculations can vary greatly by job because of union rules, state laws, and other factors. How does mJobTime handle overtime calculations and break insertions?
mJobTime employs an exceedingly flexible overtime calculator that can be run on all or specific jobs, crafts, foremen or crews, and many other criteria. It can test for daily or weekly overtime. Once the criteria have been set, everything can be saved as a “rule” which can then be run as needed. Rules can also be saved and processed as needed for break insertions.
Can I customize the mJobTime review screens that house where all the time records are listed?
Yes, you can choose which fields you want to appear in the grid, including notes. This grid is also resizable to accommodate more columns and records than the default screen. This grid also allows you to select multiple records for approval.

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